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Casthat Overview
Casthat is a web-based news aggregator. It lets you syndicate the XML/RSS file to your own website on the fly. Casthat support all version of RSS even if the RSS file is not valid!
Casthat in action -->

What is Casthat?
Casthat is a web-based news aggregator program written in Perl. It supports web servers running on both UNIX and NT platforms. The only requirement for running Casthat is that your web server supports Perl CGI applications. Your Perl version must also include the IO::Socket module, which is standard in Perl 5, but which some web host companies forget to install. If you're not sure if you can run Perl CGI programs on your server, please first ask your ISP before you try to install Casthat.

What is XML/RSS?
An RSS file is basically a list of headlines encoded so that it can be easily used by another program or website. RSS is usually said to stand for "Really Simple Syndication". RSS is a form of XML (eXtensible Markup Language), which means that each piece of data in the list is coded separately so that Casthat will know exactly what to do with it.

How do I syndicate the XML/RSS file?
To syndicate the RSS file to your website, all you need is a copy of Casthat on your website. Once you have configure Casthat on your server, you can now run the program inside your website using the PHP virtual or SSI exec function.

Where can I find the RSS file?
Usually when you visit a website that want their news headlines to be publish by other sites, they will put the RSS link at the bottom of the site that read like this "You can syndicate our news using the file backend.php". All you need to do now is copy the "backend.php" url and define it on your Casthat.

Where can I download the Casthat?
After you purchase ($19.95) the Casthat, we will email you the link and you can download it from there.

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