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CuteCast Overview
CuteCast bulletin board offer you the perfect combination of speed thrills and knockout features. Whether you want unlimited boards and categories, ability to add your own custom emoticons on the fly, invite-a-friend feature, ranking system or et cetera, CuteCast provides the tools you need to make your homepage more interactive and entertaining...
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What is CuteCast?
CuteCast is a web-based discussion forum application written in Perl. It supports web servers running on both UNIX and NT platforms. The only requirement for running CuteCast is that your web server supports Perl CGI applications. If you're not sure if you can run Perl CGI programs on your server, please first ask your ISP before you try to install CuteCast.

What is Visual CuteCast?
Visual CuteCast is another CuteCast feature. With Visual CuteCast you can add more plug-ins to your forum that are not necessary a bulletin board functions. It can be a shopping cart, game, chat or et cetera.

Is CuteCast Free?
Yes! The CuteCast is completely free. The only "payment" we require is that you do not remove the powered and copyright notices at the bottom of the board. If you wish to remove the powered and copyright notices, you may purchase the CuteCast Copyright Output Removal. It covers all current and future releases of the software for one installation at one location.

Where can I download it?
Please click here to download cutecast. Click here if you looking for hosted forum powered by the new CuteCast!

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