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General Features
  • Easy installation - requires only the editing of perl path
  • Easy customization in web-based
  • Links for email and homepage of CuteCast owner on every page
  • Profile link, Members link, Search link, Register link and Help link on every page
  • Online FAQ/Help area
  • Ability to login/logout
Forums Page
  • Multiple cateogries and forums
  • Forum name & description
  • Total number of posts in forum
  • Total number of topics in forum
  • Name of person last post in forum
  • Icon indicators whether its newtopic or reply
  • Graphical alert for forums that contain new messages since person last visit
  • Date/time of last post in forum
  • Display 'newest member'
  • Display 'total registered members'
  • Display 'the time now is'
  • Display 'you last visited'
  • Ability to mark all posts as read
  • Ability to invite friend or enemy
Topics Page
  • Topic/Subject
  • "Jump To" box, for instant jump to a different forum
  • Name of person who started topic
  • Total number of replies
  • Total number of views
  • Name of person last posting to topic
  • Icon indicators whether its newtopic or reply
  • Date/time of last posting to topic
  • Sorted by New topic
Individual Topic Display Page
  • Option to view profile of author
  • Option to email author
  • Option to visit author homepage
  • Option to Edit/Delete topic/message (only admins, moderators and the author can do this)
  • Option to Reply w/Quote
  • Option to View IP Address (only admins and moderators can do this)
  • Author post number of each posting
  • Author date registered
  • Avatar
  • Users ranks (level) base on your total posts
  • Date/time of each posting
  • Alternate colors for each post row
  • Ability to subscribe topic
  • Printable version
  • Send a topic to someone
Miscellaneous Features
  • Ability to open/close a particular topic (only admins and moderators can do this)
  • Ability to transfer a topic (only admins and moderators can do this)
  • Ability to delete a topic (only admins and moderators can do this)
  • Ability to mass open/close,delete,move a topics (admins only)
  • Ability disable CuteCode
  • Ability disable Emoticons
  • Email Notification
  • Lost password auto-email system
  • Profiles can be modified by user
  • Ability to use CuteCode a simplified version of HTML within posts
  • Online registration system
  • Personal Signature
  • Avatar
  • Automatic conversion of emoticons in messages
  • 'Smart' word censoring
  • Translate shorthand to longhand
  • Public, Private, Closed, Announcement, Registered and Unregistered forum
Web-Based Administrative Features
  • Change system information on the fly
  • Create new forums
  • Modify existing forums
  • Delete existing forums
  • Reorder forums listing
  • Customize images
  • Customize colors
  • Top & Bottom HTML
  • View all registered members
  • Set member level
  • Set any status to any your registered members
  • Delete registered users
  • Ability to edit user profile
  • Ability to add your own custom emoticons on the fly
  • Announcements - admin notes per forum
+++ Plus many more!

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