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CuteCast User Praise
Here's what some of our users have to say about CuteCast:

I just had to write a short note to tell you that I absolutely love Cutecast! It's one of the best out there, no doubt about it! Easy configuration & installation made it even more appealing. Thanks for the great, free script!

- Joel D. Wilcox

You forum rocks, I got it working in under 10 mins while chatting to my girlfriend. This is the best bulletin board script I have ever seen. Thanks.

- Mr Salti

I just wanted to send you a few words of praise for the wonderful forum script! The functionality, interface and admin options are perfect. The interface even matches my new site! This plug-in is going to make my new site even better than I had hoped. Thank you so much,

- Jeff

Thank you for all of your hard work in providing a message board system that is both elegant and extremely easy to install. I imagine it takes many hour of thankless work to get this all accomplished. Well done.

- leon

I've installed your program on my website, and I was really impressed with it!

- John Phillips

Thank you for this wonderfull script. Im sure it will suit my needs when I get it running.

- Steve Kennedy

I would like to extend a warm congratulations on an excellent piece of work with CuteCast.

- Jonathan Roach (CEO, Stormdev Software Development)

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